October 2019


Model Review DAN_FIN
Review Score: 3.0
A fantastic young man I was very happy to meet and get to know…


Model Review KurtPrince
Review Score: 3.1
A fantastic young man I was very happy to meet and get to know…

Race Cooper

Race Cooper was born on December 05, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He began his career as an adult performer in 2009…


Model Review CodyLuck
Review Score: 3.2
I love how innocent looking and sexy he acts. He made me cum very fast and hard…


Model Review DamonPoe
Review Score: 3.0
Very vocal, very interactive, huge dick, good personality…


Model Review BIGTATTAN
Review Score: 3.1
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Model Review rickblue
Review Score: 3.3
Most imaginative, funny, twisted guy i have ever cummed with…


Model Review DamonHastley
Review Score: 3.0
Beautiful tight young body… Nice cock… Just yummy all over…

Collin Adams

Collin Adams is an adult performer known for his work on gay pornography. He began appearing in pornographic websites in 2018. Mr. Adams stands 5 feet 10 inches tall…


Model Review Valentin_cavanni
Review Score: 3.1
Amazingly sex. Hot as hell. And intelligent and fun and witty. And Everything you could hope for…