Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper is an adult performer known for his work on gay porn. He did his first scene in 2011 and has 38 performer credits listed under his name…

Rocco Steele

Rocco began appearing in pornographic movies in 2014 and still actively performs and works behind the camera. He is credited with over 80 titles and did directing work on 5 films…

Orion Cross

Orion Cross was born on August 28, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. He began appearing in pornographic films in 2004 and still performs actively until this day. Cross is credited with over 100 titles…

Vadim Black

Vadim Black has green eyes, stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall, and has numerous tattoos. He is also credited under the name Luke H…

Luke Cross

Luke Cross is an adult performer known for his work on gay and bisexual porn. He has over 90 titles credited to his name and has also worked as a director for numerous films…

Jack Spade

Jack Spade is a Latino gay performer known for his work on the interracial niche. He started appearing in pornographic films and websites in 2005 and was active until 2016…

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